About .TUBE gTLD

The .TUBE (DotTube) generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) is the extension for tube and video-related web addresses. Latin American Telecom LLC (LATELCO) has applied to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Namesand Numbers) for the .TUBE TLD. One of the key objectives of adopting a gTLD is to give people and corporations worldwide the opportunity of registering domain tube-related names that are more personalized for video, easier to brand and more capable of building online presence and enhance user experience.

The term “Tube” has become the most accepted synonym for “video online.” Sites like YouTube.com have established communities of user generated video content to connect people with shared interests.

With the option of powerful new domain names, the use of a generic, descriptive word, or branded term, combined with the suffix “tube”, developers will easily and immediately convey a site’s mission and purpose to users. There are thousands of ***tube.com sites that currently exist and follow this business method of selecting a clear, common word identifier to capture the power of the “generic brand name” and add to it the suffix TUBE.com. Very soon the owners of ComedyTube.com will be presented with the opportunity to opt for Comedy.Tube.

The market trend indicates that the term “Tube” is being adopted by webmasters, programmers, companies, investors and consumers around the globe, and is widely associated with websites where content in video format play a central role, where consumers and users with a common/shared interest in mainstream contents create communities or affiliate with such sites. Examples of .TUBE domains could include: www.Comedy.tube, www.Dog.tube or www.Sports.tube